A Journey Into Affirmations

My introduction into the world of affirmations happened around the same time my spiritual journey began. I guess it was really more of a calling…a calling for something more, something beyond the stresses of modern-day life, of the surface level distraction and the noise. It was born out of a deep knowing that there must be so much more to our purpose here and our ability to create the lives we so desperately desire. It was a need to slow down, go inward and learn how to center and manifest using the power of ritual and intention.


While affirmations have been practiced for centuries by the yoga and spiritual community at large, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered their incredible power and began incorporating them into my everyday life. I started slow – I knew I didn’t have the capacity to sit for hours – nor did I need to for my affirmations to be effective. It had to be a realistic and achievable goal, so I started writing prayers, affirmations, and reminders into a note on my iPhone that wouldn’t take me more than 8-10 minutes to say. No excuses! I now have what I call my “Morning Prayer” note saved in my phone so that I can retrieve it at any time, on any day, and any place. I would no longer be able to have the usual excuses, “I don’t have time,” “I don’t have it with me,” “What should I even say?” (more on potential sources of affirmation inspiration below).


It’s been roughly four months since I began my daily affirmations, and it is not an exaggeration that it has made an undeniable change in my life. For the first few weeks, I did it every day. I am not hard on myself when I miss a day. However, if something goes awry in my day, I am now able to recenter myself more quickly by remembering to breathe and find space for myself to recite an affirmation that reflects what I need at the very moment.


The best way I have learned to make affirmations work for me is to re-frame whatever I perceive I am lacking at the moment and flip it to something positive, leading with an “I AM” statement. For example, if I feel anxious, I will say to myself, “I AM Calm,” if I feel irritated or annoyed, I will say to myself, “I AM Patient,” and so on. It has done wonders for my overall anxiety, relationships, attitude, and perception of life. I am convinced that the more I do these, the better am I able to deal with daily life. Some of my favorites recently due to the current state of my life are “I AM Patient,” “I Am Eloquent,” “I AM a Warrior,” “I AM Strong,” “I AM Authentic.” That said, I encourage you to find an affirmation that resonates and works for you!


If you haven’t given affirmations a try, I highly encourage you to do so. We would love to hear about your experience.

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