Ritual Intention

Protection Obsidian Bracelet with Accent


+ 14k Gold-Filled (4) 4MM Beads, and (1) Gold-Filled 6MM Bead.
+ 4MM Obsidian Gemstone Beads.
+ Elastic stretch.
+ Use our printable bracelet sizer to find your bracelet size.
+ Care: Water and tarnish resistant. Keep away from chemicals, including lotions and perfumes.

Chakra: Root

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius 

Mantra: I intend to be protected from negativity, to be grounded to my connection to Earth, and to activate my Root Chakra.

Beneficial for: Compassion, strength, digestion of hard to accept topics, detoxification, blockages, hardened arteries, arthritis, joint pain, cramps, injuries, pain, bleeding, and circulation.

Obsidian is the gemstone for protection. It is said to shield against negativity and help you find inner strength.

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